Wanted: female engineers!


More and more Belgian companies are complaining about a shortage of engineers and the ever-widening gap between the job vacancies and the number of applicants. What is more, only 15% of engineers are women. They may be motivated by exactly the same factors as their male colleagues but engineering is apparently not tempting enough as a career option.

In the case of Vinçotte, too, it is mainly men who carry this title. According to Nori Manderlier, a nuclear/industrial engineer, specialising in radiation protection and radiation physics with Controlatom and the former secretary general of the UFIIB (French-speaking union of industrial engineers' associations in Belgium), the reasons for this gap can be traced back to the childhood years, for one thing., and the traditional roles assigned to boys and girls from an early age. "Children grow up in an environment full of assumptions: boys play with cars, while girls play with dolls." This would appear to suggest that a new way of thinking is essential in society and in the family context in order to tempt more women to join the engineering profession.

Vinçotte is already looking forward to this change of attitude!

Source: Le Soir newspaper