(Version 31.08.2016)

Who is responsible for processing your personal data?

Vinçotte (while its offices are located at 1800 Vilvoorde, Jan Olieslagerslaan, 35, Business Register 0821.076.888) decides upon the means and purposes of the system for processing personal data recorded and used by the Vinçotte platform and, under this heading, is responsible for processing your data in accordance with the Law of 8 December 1992.

This document is intended to describe the user data processing procedures in various situations, including when orders are placed via the Vinçotte platform or via another user interface. In the case of another interface made available by a Vinçotte partner, the personal data processing conditions specific to this partner continue to apply in full and apply cumulatively along with the present conditions.

What personal data are recorded and processed by Vinçotte?

General information about the user.

Vinçotte first records the data provided by users in the various data-collection forms available on the platform.

Vinçotte then records data provided by its partners as a result of a prior request by the customer and concerning customers wishing to order services from Vinçotte. This may be personal (name, address, telephone,...), or non-personal information (preferences, times when available, favourite information,...) or information about property or installations (such as electrical installations,...) for which the customer wishes to order services from Vinçotte.

E-mail address

Vinçotte records the e-mail address or addresses provided by the user. Vinçotte may send commercial e-mails to the user if the latter has agreed to this. However, the user is always entitled to refuse to receive such e-mails. Permission shall be specifically sought for this purpose the first time the user's e-mail address is collected. All subsequent e-mails shall offer the user the opportunity to exercise the right to opt out. When several e-mail addresses have been recorded, the right to opt out may need to be exercised for each such address.

Cookies and further automatic processing

Other non-personal data are also automatically recorded during each visit to the platform: the IP address, the make and version of the browser, the time of the visit, the latest webpage visited and cookies enabling us to learn about the user's preferences (choice of language, login and password, search criteria,...). Cookies are computer files automatically stored on the user's hard disk during the visit to the site. The information recorded by these cookies does not allow you to be identified personally and may only be consulted by Vinçotte during a connection session with Vinçotte's servers. The user may change the cookie storage settings (see below, point 7 "your preferences").

For what purposes does Vinçotte use your data?

The general information and e-mail address shall be used (i) for guaranteeing the proper fulfilment of the order placed, (ii) for identifying the users and ascertaining their access authorisations, (iii) for the management and successful completion of electronic payments and combating fraud, (iv) for the management, monitoring and improvement of the site, as a tool for promoting the products and services of Vinçotte and companies within the Vinçotte group, (v) for providing customised information or services about the products and services of the Vinçotte group or Vinçotte's partners, (vi) for direct marketing (mailing) by Vinçotte or other entities in the Vinçotte group, and (vii) for keeping users up-to-date on news about and innovations of Vinçotte and the Vinçotte group.

Vinçotte may also allow certain partners to use the same data solely to ensure compliance with the mutually binding obligations on Vinçotte and the relevant partners.

This information shall be communicated to third parties only in cases referred to in this "privacy notice", except for the purpose of meeting legal rules and obligations or upon the request of an administration or judicial authority

What happens to the data from audit reports or energy efficiency certificates?

Vinçotte reserves the right to process data and the findings of a report, a certificate or any other analysis undertaken for a customer of the Vinçotte platform or of its partners, as part of a general database or another information system, in order to operate a property market database for professional users and to provide you with business information or offers from Vinçotte or its partners likely to be of interest to you.

Your rights

The Law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data grants you the right to access data concerning you and to demand the correction thereof if necessary. You also have the right to oppose the use of your personal information for direct marketing purposes.

These rights may be exercised by getting in contact with Vinçotte according to the procedures provided for on the "contact" page of the site, or by post using the following address

Vinçotte Departement Sales & Marketing, Jan Olieslagerslaan 35, 1800 Vilvoorde in Belgium

Your preferences


The customer is entitled to delete these files at any time. The customer is also able to prevent cookies being saved by adjusting the computer settings accordingly. In both cases, the customer may find this results in a less efficient performance of the Vinçotte site and the associated sites.

This information remains on you computer permanently if you do not delete your cookies (via the Internet Tool/Options function in your browser). You can prevent "cookies" being saved by changing the settings in your browser.