Pressure equipment

When we talk about pressure, we can’t avoid talking about Vinçotte. More specifically, about Robert Vinçotte, who in 1872 was entrusted by a small group of industrialists with the inspection of steam boilers to increase employee safety and improve the reliability of installations. 
Today, our engineers and technicians operate in all sectors: at the national, European and international levels! They professionally inspect all kinds of pressure equipment and pressure installations, from the design phase through to the manufacturing and operational phases. This includes steam appliances, process equipment and piping, transport pipelines and tanks, aboveground and compressors, valves, etc. Vinçotte has been operating for more than 140 years in all sectors, for private individuals and for companies everywhere in the world.

Some of our solutions:

  • Inspection of Pipelines & Gas Infrastructures
  • Inspection of Transportable Pressure Equipment:
  • Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive (ER 97/23/EG)
  • ADR (transportable pressure equipment) (ADR/TPED)
  • Inspection of Nuclear Pressure Equipment:
  • French ESPN Decree
  • In-service Inspection of Pressure Equipment
  • Inspection during Construction of Pressure Equipment
  • Pressure Equipment Directive

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