Acoustic / Noise

At Vinçotte, we have an extensive experience in performing measurements and studies related to sound and vibrations. We provide advice for large industrial and infrastructure projects but we also work for SMEs and individuals. Due to our many years of experience, searching for solutions within the Best Available Techniques (BBT) is our forte.

Our solutions in this area cover 4 branches:

  • Building acoustics
  • Noise in the workplace
  • Machinery noise
  • Environmental noise

We possess all necessary official recognitions (at country and European levels) and we are accredited by BELAC for test activities (certificate 016-T) and inspection activities (certificate 016-I).

Our team is made by environmental experts for performing acoustic studies, developing remediation plans and preparing Environmental Impact Assessments (MER experts).

1/ Building acoustics"

occupies an important place in every stage of the property cycle, in part due to a number of recent standards. We want to create added value for our clients throughout this cycle. 

This concerns the following facets:
   1. The assessment of risks in the project phase
   2. Providing information for the specifications
   3. Acoustic testing during building and renovation
   4. Analysis of acoustic quality at the time of purchase and sale
   5. Objectifying complaints and searching for solutions during management

Our services involve measurements and advice concerning airborne noise insulation of walls, floors and outside walls, transmission of impact noise through floors, reverberation time in spaces and the noise caused by technical installations.

We work with a wide range of clients, namely construction companies and fitters, property administrators, building administrators, leasers and owners, architects and legal experts. 

We possess specific software packages for diagnosing and resolving and the necessary equipment (noise sources and a standardized acoustic beater) for performing a wide range of measurements. Experience and neutrality make us an objective partner for delivery tests and searching for solutions.

2/ Noise in the workplace

Vinçotte has extensive experience in performing measurements and studies related to noise at the workplace and providing advice to protect employees against the risks of workplace noise.

We are recognised by the Belgian Federal Public Service for Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue for determining the exposure of employees to noise and we also have an accreditation for this activity. Therefore Vinçotte is able to act as an objective and competent partner for your company.

Furthermore, we have large in-house experience for targeted source measurements based on sound intensity measurements and the preparation of remediation plans to reduce the sound level with the help of the Best Available Techniques (BBT).

3/ Machinery noise

The sound power level or source strength of a machine or installation is increasingly becoming a significant parameter that is taken into consideration at the time of purchase.

Vinçotte is a "Notified Body" at Belgian Federal level and European level for determining the sound power level of machines intended for outdoor use (Directive 2000/14/EC transposed into the Royal Decree of 6 March 2002).

Vincotte also has extensive experience with the implementation of noise measurements as part of the machinery directive (Directive 2006/42/EC).

Together with our years of experience in searching for solutions for noise reduction, this makes our company a reliable and objective partner for machine builders and/or importers.

4/ Environmental noise

Our services in the area of environmental noise not only comprise measurements and consultation for industry, but also roadrail and air transport.

Independent measurement chains can be used to perform unmanned immission measurements of environmental noise over a prolonged period of time. The results can then be analysed taking into account the working conditions of the source(s) and the environmental conditions. The results achieved in this way can be assessed very specifically in accordance with the applicable standards and guidelines.

Furthermore, the sound power level can be measured at the source using pressure measurements, intensity measurements and vibration measurements which enables the relevant sources to be identified. We can measure noise maps for large industrial installations and we can establish the relevant sound power level for emissions from entire installations using the EMOLA method.

Acoustic models can be prepared using specific software to make predictions for future situations and/or provide recommendations for improving existing situations. The preparation of MER reports, acoustic surveys and improvement plans based on the Best Available Techniques are also part of the basic services provided by our team.

Vinçotte also prepared the strategic noise maps involving road traffic and rail traffic for the Flanders Region in accordance with the requirements of the European Directive on environmental noise.

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