Environmental services

With a complete service for environment, safety and energy studies, Vinçotte holds a dominant position in international environment and safety matters. Whether this involves soil investigations, environmental impact assessments, safety assessments or sustainable developments, Vinçotte knows the score. Thanks to the experience and high degree of specialization of our more than 70 engineers, staff with PhDs, geologists, biologists, safety experts and technicians, we have built up a far-reaching network and have an established reputation. Our environmental solutions and advice are characterized as being scientifically based, feasible from a policy perspective, economically sensible, and socially responsible. 

Some of our environmental solutions:


  • Asbestos (inventory, air measurements, ...)
  • Soil
  • Noise (building acoustics, workplace, machinery and environmental noise)
  • Environmental advice
  • Environmental studies (audit and due diligence, impact assessment, permits)


  • Fire safety
  • Safety of machinery (work equipment, CE marking, coordination of conformity)
  • Process safety (HAZOP, FMEA, LOPA, SIL, ATEX, ...)
  • Safety studies (reports, collaboration agreement)
  • Safety of construction site


  • CO2 verification
  • SR-10
  • OK logos (OK compost)
  • LCA
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Environmental product declaration

Risk management

  • Concept, planning, construction, operational phases
  • Transactions
  • Shutdown and breakdown

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