Real estate services

Vinçotte provides you with support throughout the entire lifecycle of your assets. We focus on safety and sustainability requirements for competitive conditions -obtaining the necessary building and environmental permits and mandatory certificates, meeting the requirements of local authorities, insurance companies and customers-; operational excellence -avoiding repair costs, providing risk management at every step of the life cycle, reducing maintenance costs, improving performance and reliability for installations, materials and processes, developing and boosting the technical skills of your staff through further training-; and strategic benefits -obtaining strategic information in order to identify opportunities in a timely way, differentiation through additional certification and leveraging the company's image and reputation-.

Some of our solutions:

  • Technical inspection required for the ten-year liability 
  • General inspections of buildings and constructions
  • Structural inspections and technical expertise
  • Due diligence - technical audits
  • Rational Use of Energy (RUE) in buildings
  • Technical advice in case of construction faults
  • Execution of constructive tests and analysis
  • Audit of collective and personal protective equipment during construction works

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